Introduction to Cybersecurity and Exploring Career Opportunities Nu Vision High School Kigali May 10 2024

Event: Introduction to Cybersecurity and Exploring Career Opportunities. Nu Vision High School, Kigali. May 10, 2024. 1pm - 3pm

Discover the World of Cybersecurity Basics!:

Two-hour training for Senior Secondary School students on:
i.    The basics of Cybersecurity
ii.    A career in Cybersecurity


The primary objective of this training is:
– To introduce senior secondary school students to the basics of cybersecurity and

– To provide insights into potential career paths within the cybersecurity field.


  • What is Cybersecurity
  • Why is Cybersecurity important?
  • Cybersecurity terminology and concepts
  • Common cyber threats
  • Cybersecurity domains
  • Cybersecurity as a career
  • Cybersecurity roles
  • Skills and education for a career in Cybersecurity

Date: May 10, 2024

Time: 1– 3pm

Venue: Nu Vision High School, Kigali

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