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Secure Minds: Your Guide to Cybersecurity and Mental Health

Secure Minds: Your Guide to Cybersecurity and Mental Health. Author: Patricia Eromosele Understanding the Connection I doubt when Tim Berners-Lee proposed the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN, he was thinking about mental health. However, his proposition of providing a way to access information through a system of interlinked hypertext documents […]

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Cybersecurity Domains and Sub-domains

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Cybersecurity domains and sub-domains, that create a robust cybersecurity ecosystem. Cybersecurity is a complex matrix of domains and sub-domains, each holding significant importance in creating an effective cybersecurity ecosystem. The Framework and Standards domain acts as a fundamental building block for the entire cybersecurity infrastructure. It includes globally recognized touchstones such as SANS/CSC, NIST, ISO/IEC,

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Mobile Device Security

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Securing mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from threats like malicious apps, and the importance of regular software updates. Imagine a wallet that doesn’t just hold your credit cards or cash, but your entire life—contacts, emails, financial information, photographs, and much more. That’s your mobile devices (smartphone, tablets), an essential accessory that has almost everything

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Social Media Safety

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Social Media safety begins with privacy settings, sharing information wisely and recognizing potential social media scams. Social media is like a bustling global town square where people from all walks of life come together to share, connect, and explore. However, with its wide reach and accessibility, it can also become an avenue for miscreants to

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Safe Online Shopping

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Tips for ensuring safe online transactions and recognizing secure websites Think of online transactions as handing a letter filled with your secrets across a crowded room. Everyone between you and your recipient could potentially have a peek at its content. You would certainly feel more secure if the letter were sealed in a tamper-proof envelope.

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